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Predict Crypto Movement

AI powered Crypto Tracker will Predict Crypto price from Binance exchange.

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Crypto Tracker

AI powered Quant Trader will buy and sell your crypto on your Binance API.


Crypto News

AI powered New Bots that finds and serves the latest trending crypto news.


Shop with Crypto

Dozens of online stores that allow you to pay with crypto right from your wallet app.


Scan and pay

Pay, Receive, Exchange and Withdraw your Crypto into other coins or fiat currency.


Own your Private Keys!

Integrated Crypto Wallet allowing you to be your own bank and own your private keys.

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App includes features like multi-signature cosigning for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Diamond. You can also receive the latest blockchain news directly in the app.

Now with Mooncatcher Tracker, an AI powered Crypto Tracker that tracks and predicts the price of cryptocurrency. The app will also soon be able to trade crypto on your behalf following our AI powered Quant Trader.

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