BCD Pay International Marketplace

The BCD Pay International Marketplace gives you access to a wide range of products from top online marketplaces around the world regardless of your location. And the best part is, you can pay for any item using Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) or Bitcoin (BTC). With access to products that were previously exclusive to certain markets, customers around the world can unearth opportunity with Bitcoin Diamond.

First Crypto-Only Store

The BCD Pay International Marketplace is the first online store that exclusively accepts cryptocurrency. Now, you can use your Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) to purchase products from all over the world.

Handpicked Products

We have carefully selected some of the best products from the most popular online retailers, curated to serve the global market. Keep an eye out for more products being added constantly.

Anywhere in the World

Most retailers only offer products to a limited number of countries because that is all their payment platforms will allow. With the BCD Pay International Marketplace, you have access to products no matter where you live.